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The Productivity Council


To be the premier agency in Barbados and the Caribbean, renowned for promoting and facilitating productivity, quality management and competitiveness strategies.


To enhance the competitiveness of Barbadian and Caribbean enterprises through the application and dissemination of knowledge of productivity methods.

The Productivity Council is an agency designed to help Barbadian and Caribbean businesses develop their competitiveness through the application of productivity enhancement solutions.
The Productivity Council is a TRIPARTITE COUNCIL comprising representatives from employees and employers organizations as well as the Government of Barbados; the Social Partnership

The Productivity Council (formerly the National Productivity Board) was established by an Act of Parliament on August 31, 1993 to further the objectives of the Protocol for the Implementation of a Prices and Incomes Policy which was signed by Government, employers and workers representatives.

The Productivity Council is an agency designed to:

  • Create and develop methodologies for productivity measurement, management and improvement in the public and private sector.
  • Provide technical advice and assistance for devising productivity-related payment schemes. 
  • Engage in consultations with any fact-finding body or arbitration tribunal on any matter relating to the functions of The Productivity Council.
  • Promote and monitor all aspects of productivity growth.
  • Assist in the development of improved methods of work organisation geared to the enhancement of productivity levels.
  • Design, advise on, and conduct educational programmes on productivity.
  • Disseminate information to stimulate public awareness and promote understanding of the need to improve the quality of work performance nationally and in the context of international trends and standards.

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